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Why I Love Craigslist


Me: I’m selling a pair of Shure e4c headphones for $199.
Buyer: I saw those on Amazon for $170. Will you sell for $125?
Me: I’ll sell them for $150.
Buyer: $140 and I’ll pick them up right now.
Me: $150 and you have a deal.
Buyer: I’m looking at a couple of other models also. If you decide to sell for $140, let me know.
Me: There’s a Wendy’s right outside my house. If you pick me up a combo, you can have the headphones for $140.
Buyer: I have to drive 30 minutes on the highway to get there – you should be buying me lunch! Whatever, I could go for Wendy’s today too.. $140 and a combo it is. No gigantic-sizing anything though! Where are you located?

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